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MYTH: Solar panels are very expensive.

FACT: You would have been right 10 years ago. But now solar energy is incredibly affordable and offers great returns on Investment

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MYTH: We don’t get enough sunlight-Solar won’t work for us

FACT: Solar energy works incredibly well. Solar HI quality PV cell now a days offer a significant weak light performance and they produce good amount of electricity in such conditions.

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MYTH: Solar panels are often installed badly.

FACT: The solar industry is well regulated and safe in Australia. Clean energy council plays a huge role monitoring and encouraging installers to install systems which are safe and efficient.

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MYTH: Solar PV system doesn’t work at night

This is true, but it’s mainly unrelated.

Solar works only when the sun is shining. If you want energy at night or on a dark day, you need either batteries or other energy resources to store and reuse this power at night.

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MYTH: Federal and local government offers less rebates now.

FACT: Federal government still offers attractive rebates to Australian home and business owners which vastly promotes renewable energy and energy efficiency.

You can check your eligibity for rebates by requesting free consultation from us

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One More Myth: Going Solar Is a Hassle

This is the easiest in all, Flexi Quotes is The Best and incredibly easy way going solar. Sound too good to be true? well Put us on test by request FREE Quotes

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