it’s important to shop around when purchasing solar from a retailer. Do your reserch before you place an order, talk to different solar pv retailers and ask for solutions and obtain several quotes. if possible look around & speak with your neighbours and friends, other people in your local area who have installed solar PV systems. you may be able to pick up some tips from their experiences.

Who’s who in the solar pv market

the main parties involved in the sale and installation of solar pv are the retailer,designer and installer. sometimes these roles are fi lled by one individual, which is typically the case with small retail businesses run by a qualified installer designer. however, two or three different large-sized companies that subcontract out their designs and/or installations.many solar pv retailers in the industry now sell systems directly to consumers and subcontract the installation of those systems.

So, How you choose a solar installer?

You only go solar once unless you have many properties. Selecting a solar installer is an important decision. After all, your installer will be providing solutions for your solar system. He will design your system, install your system, and provide support after your system installation. There’s no shortage of options available to you in today’s competitive market.

Consider several factors deciding on Installers

  • Are they reputable? Going with reputed company with proven track record always gives you peace of mind and surety on best solar installation.
  • Are they qualified? – it’s very important you get your solar installed by qualified CEC accredited Installer. If they are knowledgeable and experienced, they are easy to work with and less likely you have bad experience.
  • How long they have been trading? It is also very useful to do some research about installer or company, as you may come across a misconduct from the same company which could be harsh experience to their customers which you do not want to experience. You can also predict their future plans as well as if the company goes out of business, your warranties too.
  • Check Independent customer reviews – majority of the times it will showcase company’s image to you without making solid efforts. It might not be accurate as always negative experience is exposed louder than positive one.
  • Ask your installer/retailer to provide you some referenced where they have provided solar installations. As by contacting them you may be able to pick up some tips from their experience.

You also need to watch out for following

  • Aggressive sales tactics
  • One size fits all system designs approach
  • Over inflated claims of savings and payback periods
  • System designs with large inverters on a small systems, as you are still dependent on permissions on grid connection on time of upgrade as well as ensuring suitable panels still available.
  • Pressure to sign on the spot.

So, what makes our selected Installers stand out? Importantly we ensure all our retailers (who will provide you solutions) do things “the right way.” And here’s how:

  • They offer guarantees to give you peace of mind.
  • Installation Timeline Guarantees
  • Workmanship Warranties
  • System Production Guarantees
And you can rest easy knowing you will receive a lifetime of worry-free support for your system.