How Does Solar Energy Work?

People can harness the sun's energy in a few different ways but harnessing electricity from solar photovoltic panels is one of the most practical and cost effective method of generating electricity clean & free.

We can see many solar panels on many australian roofs but wonder how it works?

Well, Solar power system is an elecrical generation unit which collect sun rays through solar panels and converts solar energy into electricity.

Let's have a look at below image and see how each component works in solar power system.

How solar works

Learn how solar works for your home.

  • Solar Panels on the roof collect sun light and converts them into electricity (generates DC power).
  • Generated DC power than gets converted into 240v AC power through an inverter to power your home.
  • Your inverter feeds AC power to your home through switchboards, where your can connect your appliences to use solar power.
  • Your home always remain connected to the power grid so when you generate more electricity than you need, you can feed it into the grid or purchase more from the grid when you are not producing enough to meet your requirements.
  • Utility Grids then use this green power neighbourhood properties Emmission free and gives you feed in tarrifs

SMART, Isn't it? Using this technology in your house or business can save thousands EVERY YEAR. More and more Australians now installing solar panels due to two reasons, Firstly Increasing energy usage and second is cost of going solar is lower than before. Installing Solar Panels absolutely worth spending your hard earned cash and surely can generate a good revenue with every Sunrise.

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