Government Solar Power Rebates - RECs

With continuously rising energy costs, an investmentin solar power can directly contributes immediate reductions to your energy bills. Feed in tariffs can even help further to pocket some more savings for the energy you do not use while your solar generating power.

Feed-in-tariff is the rate you are paid for electricity generated by your solar PV system that you export back to the grid. Almost all feed-in tariffs on offer are now ‘net’ feed-in tariffs. This means that the electricity produced by your solar panels will be used in your home first, and then any extra electricity will be exported to the grid.

Under a net feed-in tariff, you may earn money on the electricity that is xported to the grid. The feed-in tariffs offered differ from state to state, and from retailer to retailer. In some states the government regulates a minimum rate, and in other states it is up to you to negotiate a deal with your electricity retailer. Note that there is no state government-regulated minimum retailer payment in New South Wales or south east Queensland.

Feed-in-tariff varies retailer to retailer, it is worth shopping around to find out What is being offered in the market. below is a estimated feed-in tariffs introduced by various retailers states by state, and the savings that could be made on a 3 kW system based on the average household energy consumption of 17 kWh/day. These savings are an estimate only and your individual situation is likely to differ from these.

CEC-accredited designer will be able to calculate your potential savings as part of their load analysis. You can do a solar self-assessment to see if the solar is right for you or you may need to reconsider going solar. Alternatively Solar Quotes request can be made superfast by submitting a FREE SOLAR ASSESSMENT.

State Feed-in Tariff Rate
QLD 8 c/kWh (Net)
NSW 8 c/kWh (Net)
ACT 7.5 c/kWh (Net)
VIC 8 c/kWh (Net)
TAS 8 c/kWh (Net)
SA 7 c/kWh (Net)
WA 8 c/kWh (Net)
NT 27.8 c/kWh (Net)
* this figures are indicative only and may change time to time without notice. you should not consider this as a factor making any financail decisions.