Start savings with very first electric bill

Stop over paying your electricity company. You can take control of your energy consumption just by switching to solar, your monthly electricity bills surely will be less than what you are currently paying to your utility company. That’s because you will offset from solar generation, which you would have normally purchased from your utility. The power you generate is cleaner and cheaper than price on purchasing form utility company, so you can rip rewards for every unit of electricity you produce from solar.

Going solar is affordable.

With financing options available with installers, you can go solar for $0 down and start saving money from very first day. Instantly free yourself from unpredictable utility costs and watch your solar energy savings multiply year after year. Some of lease and loan offerings can help you go solar by paying for the system over time, or you can purchase your system for the highest rate of return on cash. You have nothing to lose Going solar - except your electricity bill.

Your own energy source

Solar energy is easy to make and clean to use, and much affordable than the energy we buy from the grid. When you install solar panels on your roof top, you transform your home from just another house into a power plant, generating clean energy for you, year round. Whether you’re powering up your AC, running your washing machine or heating water, the energy comes straight from the sun, freshly made -not from burning fossil fuels.

Freedom from rising electricity costs

Electricity prices over the past decade have been very unpredictable, making it difficult for everyone to plan energy part of their household budget. This is a perfect time to declare your independence from unpredictable electricity prices! With solar you can enjoy your own electricity rates for the lifetime of your solar system. Homeowners with solar power homes no longer have to worry about rising electricity prices for the portion of your electricity that comes from solar. As prices increase, you receive a bigger and bigger benefit from your move to home solar power.
Going solar also reduces our reliance on overseas oil and gas, and it increases our energy independence as a country. As our own domestic sources of oil and gas dwindle over the coming years, it’s increasingly important to find alternative energy sources so that we can reduce our reliance on foreign fuel sources.

Solar increases the value of your property

Installing solar photovoltaic (PV) panels can also boost the property value of your home. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, improving the energy rating of a $365,000 home by just half a star could boost the resale value by a staggering $4,500. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, going solar can increase your homes’ resale value by as much as 4%.
These benefits alone already make solar a great investment,

100% secured Investement

Unlike most home improvements, solar panels will increase in value over time as electricity prices rise. What will electricity prices be in the future when you sell your home? The higher they are, the more people are willing to pay extra for an efficient home, so solar panels are like a hedge against increasing electricity rates. So even if you don’t plan to stay in your home for a long period of time, your solar panels are still a good investment, much better even than a bed, bath or kitchen remake.

Energy is great for the environment.

Converting to solar energy is the biggest personal change you can make to fight global warming. Utility companies in Australia supply over 85% of electricity by burning fossil fuels "the leading cause of climate change".

Using fossil fuel in generation of Energy is a major factor of green house gas emissions in Australia and beyond. Reducing the electricity usage we buy from the grid means reducing carbon emissions. That means cleaner air, water and soil for you and your family, community, and future generations.

Solar power is a proven technology saved over a million of us paying less. Some of early adeptors of solar power system now ripping a reward in terms of free income on top of paying no bills.