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 Solar power system installation process

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Solar Power

With all the bad news surrounding rising electricity prices and global warming, many of us are searching for an environmentally friendly source of energy. And if it is kind to our hip pocket, that's a bonus. The answer, of course, is solar energy. However, how much do you really know about this budget friendly alternative? Read on for a crash course on everything you need to know about solar power. Request FREE solar quotes and get Solar Powered

What You Need

Running your home on solar power is simpler than you may think. To make the switch to solar, you need only a few basic components:

How it Works

The solar cells collect energy using the photovoltaic (PV) effect. During the day, sunlight is collected through the panels, converted via the inverter into AC current to cater for your electricity needs.

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On-Grid v. Off-Grid

If you’re connected to an electricity supply (either through power poles or underground), you’re on the Australian electricity grid (on-grid). A major advantage of on-grid solar power systems is you can sell your excess energy back to the grid. The chief advantage of an off-grid system is by using storage batteries, you save all the power generated by your system during the day, so you’ll have an adequate power supply at night.

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Solar Rebates

At the federal level, there are various rebates available for the creation of renewable energy certificates (RECs). While at the home level, you’re creating a Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC). This is, in essence, your home solar system for which you receive a rebate on installation costs. However, this payment is not cash-in-hand instead it is applied as a discount on the cost of installing your system. Speak to our solar team to determine which government rebates you are eligible for.

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